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other construction storm water training in mississippi

Thompson Engineering’s Ridgeland, Mississippi office has extensive experience in developing and providing construction storm water training. Examples of these training programs include:

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Mississippi Housing Institute

We developed and delivered training in storm water pollution prevention regulations and practical instruction in performance-oriented BMP installation, inspection, and maintenance techniques to developers and builders involved in residential construction. This training was provided in association with the Mississippi Homebuilders Association and the Mississippi Associated Builders and Contractors.

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Mississippi Army National Guard

We conduct two training classes for the Mississippi Army National Guard:

  • Storm Water Pollution Prevention for Construction Sites –training in storm water pollution prevention regulations and techniques for Mississippi Army National Guard (MSARNG) personnel and associated contractors who are involved in military construction projects.
  • Storm Water Pollution Prevention for Facilities –training in storm water pollution prevention plans and associated environmental regulations for military facilities operations.

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For more information about these training programs or to inquire about training course development, please contact Sherena Sarullo.

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